The Helios Report #13

What’s What in the Heliosphere

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Helios Report: Baker’s Dozen Edition! That’s thirteen for those of you who are culinarily disinclined ;) We have more amazing news to impart to you once again as usual. This week we started a huge giveaway for developers, new walk-throughs have been released, we have upgraded the OPCODE called STATICCALL, and we’re going to show you some examples of our cutting-edge, multi-chain Smart Contracts. Runway Four Two Left, cleared for take-off…


Bounty Hunter of the Week: @ZAM19

Congratulations @ZAM19 for being named Bounty Hunter of the Week! Thank you very much for your submission. It was a fantastic article, check it out here! You will be receiving a 50% bonus for it! Keep those submissions coming, everyone! We really love them!!!

Graphic of the Week

This Week in Mass Adoption

This week we received a telegram directly from mass adoption. The original message was too large for a bottle for this is what it said…I am HERE! It must be true. Just look at what happened; Emailed Crypto payments? Check. Blockchain is Forever? Check. AMD and BGA? Check. Trading cards on the Blockchain? Check. Whoa, there’s more! Keep reading…

Hey, Did Ya Hear That…

…the latest Forgotten Artifacts patch is out and with it comes the first encounter? Will you be the first to defeat Ogandor???????

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They Love Us, They Love Us Not

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