The Helios Army Returns! Shine Brighter Together!

Helios Protocol is a truly decentralized platform, which allows to host dApps and where you can deploy tokens without the fear of having to worry about GAS or how long transactions take. It has a DAG + blockchains technology, which makes it ecological and allows you to have instant transactions and really low commissions. However it also has a highly loyal and committed community, which adds a plus and makes it quite interesting.

On this occasion, we want to present you a project called Helios Army, where the community is the protagonist!

What is Helios Army?

Helios Army is the Elite group of Helios Protocol. Here, you can be part of Helios marketing work, propose ideas to attract new people, and carry out important tasks to boost our ecosystem on different platforms and social network.

Helios Army, allows our Protocol to have significant exposure in the crypto world, providing an incredible community force that is capable of achieving any goal. Since we understand that the community is important to achieve the objectives, we have provided this space (with the Army theme), in which each and every one can contribute to the Heliosphere, being a force that moves social networks.

The Helios Army Returns! Shine Brighter Together!

This concept is not new. Previously we have already worked with an Elite group. However, this time we want to make the new Army one where everyone can be a part, regardless of their abilities or time. Also, we want everyone to be able to contribute and propose ideas about marketing strategies. And of course, everyone will be rewarded!

Enlist Now!

  • On our Discord Server, go to the #enlist channel
  • Once you are there, react below with the corresponding emoji
  • Do not forget to review our rules and additional information, in the channel #rules-and-info

And ready! you will be part of the honorable Army of Helios Protocol!

Helios Protocol

Helios Protocol is a platform designed from the ground up to be futureproof with secure, high speed, and low fee transactions. Allowing it to support truly decentralized and democratic applications.

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A blockchain for every wallet!

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Helios Protocol

Helios Protocol

A blockchain for every wallet!

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