Planting: Ya, Dig?

  • Pro Tip: Leave room around your planted FLOWERs to allow others to plant and breed with them.

Breeding: More, Please

  • Quick Facts: Only 10 Legendaries have ever been bred!!!
  • If you have two perfect legendaries (100 rarity, 100 mutability), you can produce new legendaries at a rate of about 1 in every 114 attempts

Strain Editor: Chronic Fun

  • Quick Fact: There are 16,777,216 different color options for each of the four color stats. That is 67,108,864 options…

Current Game Stats

The Future (of Flowerpatch)

The Future Is Now Here: Alpha v1.25 Patch Is Live!

  • 10% chance of an NFT (one ToM, Ethermon, or FP)
  • 5% chance of a rare FLOWER from the market
  • 15% chance of an unusual FLOWER from the market
  • 35% chance of a common FLOWER from the market
  • 35% chance of coal (that updated screen tho)

The End (of this Review)

Flowerpatch Links

Flowerpatch Community Quotes

Three Questions With The Flowerpatch Team

Blockchain Games on Helios Protocol

  • 10,000 x lower fees.
  • An infinitely scalable platform means that your DApp will never stop working as your company grows.
  • Sub-second transaction latency and DApp response time so you can maintain your customer’s attention.
  • We will pay you for deploying your DApp on our platform using our large DApp Incubator Fund.
  • And soon — Decentralized Web Hosting.




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Helios Protocol

A blockchain for every wallet!

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