Planting: Ya, Dig?

Breeding: More, Please

Strain Editor: Chronic Fun

Current Game Stats

The Future (of Flowerpatch)

The Future Is Now Here: Alpha v1.25 Patch Is Live!

The End (of this Review)

Flowerpatch Links

Flowerpatch Community Quotes

“Flowerpatch has the ability to become a great game. When I first started playing Flowerpatch on July 9th of 2019, there was no game world. The developers have pushed out consistent updates since then. With that being said. The game has evolved into something I‌ look forward to in the years to come. Honestly, I’m proud to have bred the 5th, 6th, and 7th Legendary Flower. It’s all good fun!” -Doliner

“I stumbled upon Flowerpatch by accident and did not really think much of it back then. I gathered my first few flowers through airdrops and contests, but ended up getting more involved after seeing the team’s progress and commitment to deliver an entertaining, blockchain-based game. I’d like to emphasise this last point: To deliver a GAME! Progress takes time but the FP team never has disappointed me so far, hence why I am really excited to see the upcoming new game mechanics to be implemented!” -bla_bla_bla

“FlowerPatch is one of the most innovative crypto games I’ve ever had the pleasure to be apart of. Over the past year I’ve seen the true dedication the developers have to making FlowerPatch one of the best crypto gaming experiences around.” -Adam Leaf

“The game itself is simple to understand for non crypto users and has a very wholesome vibe to it that resonates outside of the crypto community’s geeky niche. Following in the footsteps of the success of NFTs like cryptokitties they have remarkably improved on the idea with the addition of actual gameplay. This brings me to the current biggest draw of the game, being such a small team progress is slow and actual gameplay is still to be promised even though they are ahead of the schuduled roadmap. This also highlights the best part of Flowerpatch as a whole: the community. They’ve really curated a friendly, welcoming player base and have always been extremely communicative with almost 24/7 support.” — Jack1555

Three Questions With The Flowerpatch Team

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