Colossus Is Listed On (GO VOTE!)

If you are unfamiliar with, this is legitimately HUGE news for Helios!

  • You can VOTE for Colossus here:
  • You can vote every 12 hours! Voting will help bring Colossus higher up the list of popular cryptocurrency bots! As we rise, more people looking for a Tipbot for their servers and will pick @Colossus which by doing so they will be introduced to Helios. Colossus works all across Discord with no setup. It’s on-chain, and provides users access to their private key. All you have to do is invite it, and it’s ready to go! It is an amazing choice for anyone looking to improve their existing servers, even if they have no cryptocurrency experience whatsoever, and now with we can quickly and easily spread the word!


Helios Protocol

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A blockchain for every wallet!

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Helios Protocol

Helios Protocol

A blockchain for every wallet!

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