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You had a vision. A decentralized application allowing people to buy and sell digital collectibles. You told yourself you would build it. For the next two years, through many bleary-eyed errors and restarts, you built it on the Ethereum network. After ample advertising costs and hype, you released your baby to the world. Your spirits couldn’t have been higher. You did what you set out to do and more.

After a few months of nice traffic growth and almost breaking even, you started to see recurring complaints on social media from your community. It was suddenly not looking so good. The traffic slowed down as the amount of the complaints went up and…

Your sad story…

“The network is too slow”

“The transactions are taking forever”

“Why are the fees so high”

…this is what you read. Over. And. Over. You searched for weeks looking for an answer to these issues. Nothing looked promising. You started to wonder if your baby would survive. You felt that opportunity is NOWHERE.

Opportunity is NOW HERE

I’m telling you opportunity is NOW HERE! I’m talking about a project that is self-funded with NO ICO. I’m talking about a project that is based on blockchain + DAG. I’m talking about a project that solves the high-fee/slow transaction issues that plague Ethereum. I’m talking about Helios Protocol.

Helios is the cure for the Crypto Winter blues.

What does the Helios Platform do?

The Helios platform is programmed to run smart contracts and DApps in Solidity. This will allow current DApps to be easily switched from the Ethereum network to the platform. The Testnet has recently been brought online and testing of the features, security, and performance has begun. Smart contracts have been successfully deployed as well. To further the use of the platform, a large percentage of the token supply has been set aside to award to developers who want to develop their DApps on Helios.

I just paid WHAT to send that CryptoPuppy???

How does Helios Protocol solve the high-fee/slow transaction problems of Ethereum?

Each wallet on the platform has its OWN blockchain and each of those blockchains is connected by a DAG. This means that the only transactions stored on your blockchain are your own. The transaction is sent when you want it to be sent. No more waiting on other transactions with a higher paid gas fee. This keeps the transaction fees to a minimum. Wallets are web-based so there’s no huge blockchain to download and uselessly use up space! The only software you would need is if you want to run a node to broaden the network.

How does the Helios platform handle security?

The Helios platform uses nodes which control the consensus mechanism. The consensus mechanism is based on the properties of magnetic dipoles. All magnetic dipoles flow parallel to one another.

An array of magnetic dipoles that make up the magnetization of a magnetic material. All of the dipoles are oriented parallel to each other due to the exchange interaction. Each magnetic dipole is analogous to a node in the Helios network. The parallel directions of the magnetic dipoles are
analogous to nodes being in agreement and having consensus.

From left to right the exchange interaction causes the magnetic dipoles to align parallel with each other. This is analogous to the nodes on the network reaching consensus.

When the majority of dipoles change direction, a consensus is reached and the rest follow suit. If only one or a few dipoles change direction, the majority ignore the direction the stragglers are trying to go and continue on. Each wallet on the Helios platform is likened to one dipole. If the contents of a wallet are maliciously changed (i.e. a single dipole changing direction), the rest of the wallets ignore the changed data and the chains march on. If the contents of a wallet have been maliciously changed and ignored by the consensus, a feature called “Slashing” kicks in. Slashing is the removing of funds from a wallet whose contents have been altered. The amount removed is equal to the amounts that were changed. This makes attempts to cheat the system worthless.

Helios IS that ray of sunshine!!

Did you say NO ICO?

That is correct. The Helios project is totally self-funded! With the amount of scam projects out there, you can be sure that Helios IS that ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy space. You DO NOT have to worry about losing your investment with yet another ICO. Helios is giving away their tokens, NOT selling them. There are many ways to get some for yourself. In the Helios Discord server, you will find a weekly airdrop form. To qualify, all you need to do is prove you aren’t a bot by participating and joining in on the conversation in our server. There is a daily trivia question in our Telegram group at 3:30pm EST. Plans for a weekly trivia tournament are in the making. Surprise airdrops pop up from time to time as well so you don’t want to miss out.

The HLS token is currently an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network. After the mainnet launch in the first quarter of 2019, all HLS ERC-20 tokens will be swapped at a 1:1 ratio with the native HLS coin.

Let your DApp bloom!!

Not the end…The beginning!

With all the time and money you spent you don’t want your livelihood to fail. The Helios Protocol will improve the transaction speed, costs, and security of your DApp. Just imagine, after those few months reading more and more complaints about your project speeds and costs, you see less and less. Your announcement of a switch to the Helios Protocol was met with huge fanfare and compliments, not complaints! Visit the links below to learn more about why the Helios Protocol is the next, and possibly last, BIG THING. Your opportunity is NOW HERE. Seize it.

Article Author: Daniel Thwaites Sr.

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